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A place for AmiBroker users to ask questions, get help and discuss stuff.Share AFL code samples, programming techniques, tips & tricks. If you have.This is a place to discuss everything about AmiBroker, for both newbies and.Also it is good idea to use Google and add +siteto your search term to limit the. Edit equation How this code works Analysis in AmiBroker. Georg friedrich handel - concerto grosso (id.). You are currently viewing the forum as a guest which does not give you access to all the great features at Traders Laboratory such as interacting with members, access to all forums, downloading attachments, and eligibility to win free giveaways. 38 Guests, 11 Users (2 Spiders) Users active in past 15 minutes: Robert Toutt, Carlos Den, Richard Nuh, Robert Frush, Rafaelsal, Vincent Itaxy, Arthur Hibra, Gordon Lef, Steven Gef, Jason Mok, Michaelcip, Google (2) Most Online Today: 60.It is good idea to search the forum before asking same questions over and over.To search the forum just use magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner Also it is good idea to use Google and add to your search term to limit the output to content of web site.

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AmiBroker. 1 · 2 · 3. Amibroker Links, Articles, discussions & more · bvpraveen · Nov. How to merge Eod and Intraday data in amibroker. Sagarocks432.Created by Kelvinhand **** a = HHVH, 20; b = LLVL, 10; Plota, "", colorYellow; Plotb, "", colorYellow; aa= CrossH,Refa, -1; bb= CrossL.Hello all,I am aware of how to save a layout, but that only seems to relate to charts. If I have an analysis window open along with some charts. Mercedes oldtimer handel. The forum will NOT accept uploads greater than 1MB and 5megapixels in size. To place an image in your post, copy it to your Windows clipboard, then simply paste it to your post by pressing CTRL-V on your keyboard, and it will be added and displayed at the current cursor position.This also works if you paste URL links to images, documents or other media stored online, plus URLs of videos from hosts such as You Tube. For security reasons we do not allow posting links to DLLs (plugins) or third party executables. Alternatively you can navigate to: (works only if you are logged in) In your Preferences, click on Interface and change Theme there to "Default" which is white theme In your Preferences, click on EMail and you will see plenty of email settings there i Phone: Android: id=com.discourse Of course you can just use web browser on your mobile phone I’m interested in atom-shell development and would like to be notified when new topics in the atom-shell category are created.

Hi all thes 2 segnal AmiBroker how to indicators metarader thanks all - Page 4.Ich möchte gerne mit Amibroker und Investoxdaten Backtests nach " Clenow " Momentum machen. Leider kenne ich mich mit Amibroker nicht.Kann Investox weiterhin problemlos Tai-Pan-EoD-Daten nach der Amibroker-Plugin-Installation lesen oder gibt es da Einschränkungen? M eisen handeln. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.Discussion related to the "Trading or Investing Automation for AmiBroker Users made Simple" Course by Systematic Investors Group. Feel free to post comments, homework, ask questions and anything else related specifically to the course content.Unofficial AmiBroker Forum the most proficient 3rd party one. Unofficial AmiBroker Forum the most proficient 3rd party one. AmiBroker Conversation Zone.

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Amibroker Forum Unofficial Amibroker Related Amibroker Help. Normal Topic Hot Topic More than 15 replies Very Hot Topic More than 25 repliesHello and welcome to Aussie Stock Forums. but that only returns the buy low as well as valuesince and search the amibroker forum for a similar issue but to no avail.I looked all over the internet for ticker list that I can import into Amibroker and I found none so in this post and other to come I will post ticker lists for various markets. This first post is for the Australian Stock Exchange. On-line AmiBroker Formula Langauge reference with plenty of examples. Users' Knowledge Base. Community driven Knowledge Base written by users for the users New AmiBroker Community Forum. Brand new Discourse-based AmiBroker Community Forum Old AmiBroker YahooGroup. YahooGroup mailing list where AmiBroker users can share their experienceThe variable BarCount is a built-in variable in AmiBroker equal to the total number of bars in the current chart. The construct i++ is called post-incrementing and is detailed in the AmiBroker help. It is essentially shorthand for i = i + 1. While incrementing the loop index by one is byUnofficial AmiBroker Forum the most proficient 3rd party one AmiBroker Conversation Zone. Public Conversations

Forum. There is a new Official AmiBroker forum with active participation by TJ and hundreds of q&a's per month first month. I thought it might be of use to those here.The best resources for Amibroker AFL can be found via the Amibroker AFL library or one of the Amibroker user forums. Here there are usually plenty of generous traders who are happy to share some of their code and give assistance if needed.Hi Friends, Amibroker is one a powerful charting software. There are lots of information, discussions, AFL's, articles, data etc. scattered in our forum as well as in internet. There are only few discussions going on in our Amibroker subsection. I'm starting this thread, so that it will. Glashandel utrecht. In other words you will have to click ‘Back’ to return to the forum.Could I recommend that ‘clicking’ the URL automatically opens a new Tab within the users browser?Thus retaining the forum display, and avoiding the necessity of using a right-button click and then clicking again to open the URL address.

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Amibroker Trial Limitations. The Amibroker trial has limitation that it does not saves any database changes. It can be little irritating that whenever you start Amibroker fresh, you will need to create database and import data again. But also remember, it just a matter of getting used to few sequence of clicks.Hi all thes 2 segnal AmiBroker how to indicators metarader thanks all.Hello, How to Place order Amibroker to Kite Using 3rd Party ? Traderfox forum. Searching seems like it is valuable for searching “User inputs/messages”. Is there another site where they explain the details of Discourse and where searching will reveal answers to site use?? By default this is 3, but it can be overridden as a site setting, or in the future, more of a threshold based on trust levels (e.g. Like others have pointed out like is a way to publicly agree with a post and add trust to the user.I so far have determined that “Bookmarking” seems to display (with g.b") all of MY bookmarks. What are flags and how do they work, their benefits, etc.? Favorites seems to be for entire threads only and adds them to your favorites tab so they’re easier to keep track of (especially helpful if it’s a...Thanks again for helping me understand all of the features of this great forum. I’ve figured out a workaround to the formatting bug. However, the parser that parses the code tags assumes all following lines will follow that indentation. The workaround is to have no blank lines a code block to preserve consistent indentation.

One can use comment line to separate different logic sub-parts of a code block.Come of think of it, perhaps this is not a bug, but a feature to force programmer to comment code more.A request/question to Tomasz: Is it possible to overwrite the 10 minute or no more edit setting currently in this forum? Swiss air bewerbung pilot. Being a slow but perfectionist editor means I often cannot make the deadline to fix up my posts – syntax, grammar, code formatting being the latest.Many people approach support asking about recommended data sources, books, hardware, etc.If you want to help new users post your recommendations in this topic.

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From my side I can recommend: Best EOD data source for A… : Many new users with zero programming experience struggle when their formula works incorrectly.Here are few hints that everyone should use to make finding errors easie… Programming in Ami Broker Formula Language (AFL) is not that different from programming in any other language.If you are looking for general introduction to programming any language tutorial would do because programming …As mentioned by @fxshrat in Value When - how to use a typical mistake users make is that they mix up if statement with IIf() function.

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IIf() (which stands for “immediate if”) is a function, which means it takes arguments…hi mladen sir , and all sir i have HHV and LLV based Amibroker Afl sir i search lot of MT4 indicators for have any like this , and finally not found sir please if possible convert this in to mt4 mql4 , this is very helpful me when i trading must watch every time both and ami and mt4 if , sir you convert this in to mt4 very releafe me from both watching ..........just continue with mt4 ..........previously ....modified S P mony alerts 1.01 is very helpful provide me and like this ...........S T mony also useful so sir please s_t_mony__rectified.txthi mladen sir , and all sir i have HHV and LLV based Amibroker Afl sir i search lot of MT4 indicators for have any like this , and finally not found sir please if possible convert this in to mt4 mql4 , this is very helpful me when i trading must watch every time both and ami and mt4 if , sir you convert this in to mt4 very releafe me from both watching ..........just continue with mt4 ..........previously ....modified S P mony alerts 1.01 is very helpful provide me and like this ........... Commercial mortgage brokers list. S T mony also useful so sir please S T mony text file.txtsir please refer me any one best .....................but sir this is non -Repainting AFL sir i want to as it is ...............MT4 sir please see once again detailed AFL CODE because Afl based on ----simple hihest high and lowest low But After that the code will be different it gives continue Buy and Buy signals till Trend end and same for Sell ................. Latest Member: Oleg Assogovene Dor Latest Post: "Чорне Різдво 2020 дивити..." ( Today at am ) View the most recent posts on the forum.