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BUCE is one of the largest commodity exchanges of the Eastern Europe. Is trading for metals, agricultural products, timber, industrial and consumer goods.Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange stands as the core of the. of Belarusian companies to find potential trading partners abroad and enter new export.Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange BUCE is the only commodity exchange in the. The BUCE also has an office in Russia and exchange brokers in Belgium, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Poland, Turkey, and Uzbekistan.Learn about working at Universal Commodity Trading. Join LinkedIn today for free. See who you know at Universal Commodity Trading, leverage your. Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange BUCE is the only mercantile. trade via an exchange broker – a company that charges a fee for executing buy and.UCS is a full service plastic recycling company.Weekly commentary. Each week Universal Commodities publishes a review of the week’s tea auctions around the world. Using our global network of market and origin intelligence sources our Commentary provides the most comprehensive, respected and widely read synopsis of the global tea markets available.

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To become a trader one has to choose from two options: - trade on one’s own (accreditation and EDS are required) - trade via an exchange broker – a company that charges a fee for executing buy and sell orders on behalf of its clients.Some 40 brokers, including foreign residents, are now cooperating with BUCE on a regular basis. They are subdivided as follows: Metal products: ferrous and non-ferrous metals and articles thereof, scrap and waste of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, cabling and wires, coke, and coal.Timber products: round wood, sawn timber, wood boards, plywood, paper, cardboard, wood chips, fuel briquettes and pellets, timber-harvesting services. Cfd handel finanzierungskosten. Agricultural products: milk and whey powder, industrial casein, dairy butter, cottage cheese, rennet cheeses, meat, flour, rawhides, oilcakes, vegetable oils and seeds.Industrial and consumer goods: a wide range of commodities – from advanced industrial machinery and vehicles to construction materials and food.Construction materials: export of materials highly sought after in the construction sector.

Business opportunities Industrial and consumer goods (ICG) platform is a highly efficient state-of-the-art tool for doing business in Belarus and elsewhere.In contrast to metal, timber, and agricultural trading sections, it is a full-featured E-commerce marketplace with massive potential.Key advantages: Virtually unlimited range of goods The entire trading process is closely monitored by BUCE so that all contractual obligations were fulfilled in full and on time. Online trader demo. Get directions, reviews and information for Universal Commodities in Brooklyn, NY. Universal Commodities 7424 20th Ave Brooklyn NY 11204. Reviews 347 587-3877.Universal Commodities serves as the key liaison between worldwide tea growers and major packers and specialty tea sellers. Tea is what we do. Formed in 1990 by a group of expert tea traders, our management team has over a century of combined tea experience and we are consistently ranked among the leading tea importers in North America.Commodity Brokers in Universal City on See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Commodity Brokers in Universal City, CA.

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Exchange warehouses registered abroad bring the goods as close to the buyer as possible allowing to collect them on DAP/DAT terms from an exchange warehouse located in the country of destination.Exchange carriers (leading Belarusian and foreign shipping companies cooperating with BUCE) are responsible for delivering purchased goods to exchange warehouses and other locations convenient for the buyer.The quality of delivered products is ensured by yet another element of the exchange logistics mechanism – exchange experts. Mass effect shadow broker information. These are independent survey companies from Belarus and other countries. Three procurement procedures are available: electronic auctions, requests for quotation, and open tender.BUCE also helps its clients minimize non-payment and non-delivery risks by: - registering only trustworthy companies with unblemished reputation and credit rating; - offering a free of charge letter of credit service; - monitoring all exchange transactions to nip potential violations of contractual obligations in the bud; - helping the parties settle their disputes out of court or – should this fail – handing the most complicated cases for review to BUCE Arbitration Commission. The platform is used for both: government procurements and procurements made by private companies at their own expense. BY), which allows auctioning buildings, machines, equipment, land plots, leasing rights, etc.E-procurement BUCE is an authorized operator of an E-procurement platform (WWW. E-property trading BUCE also operates an E-property trading platform (WWW. Both public and private property can be put on sale.

Physical persons and corporate entities from Belarus and abroad can participate in electronic auctions.Information services For effective monitoring and analysis of commodity markets in Belarus and abroad, BUCE has developed a number of information and analytical products: - Exchange commodity market review - OTC commodity market review - Exchange bulletin - Data retrieval from BUCE database - Real-time access to information about executed buy and sell orders for metal products.Due to high concentration of supply and demand, BUCE’s information and analytical products provide a clear picture of the situation in exchange commodity markets and serve as guidance for market participants. Hansel y gretel hd. [[BUCE’s analytical information is disseminated on subscription basis among traders, brokers, information agencies, and other stakeholders.This said, BUCE can offer its clients a set of powerful tools for buying and selling commodities as well as ample opportunities for entering new markets – cost-free, risk-free, and trouble-free.Contacts Republic of Belarus, 220099, Minsk, Kazintsa 2-200 Metal Products ( 375 17) 309-37-31, e.Timber Products ( 375 17) 309-32-44, e.Agricultural Products ( 375 ) 309-32-01, v.Industrial and Consumer Goods ( 375 17) 309-32-72, anton.Construction materials ( 375 17) 309-32-72, a.Foreign Relations ( 375 17) 309-32-26, a.Government Procurements and Property Auctions ( 375 17) 309-37-45, Information services ( 375 17) 309-32-90, o.WWW.

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Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange (BUCE) (full name: Open Joint-Stock Company Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange) is the only commodity exchange in the Republic of Belarus and one of the largest in Eastern Europe.The BUCE is an open joint-stock company with the controlling stake (98%) owned by the government.Founded in 2004, BUCE now has over 21,000 registered members from 62 countries, including 4200 foreign companies. E forex swissquote erfahrungen. BUCE head office is located in Minsk with branches in all five of the country's regional centers: Brest, Gomel, Grodno, Mogilev and Vitebsk.The BUCE also has an office in Russia and exchange brokers in Belgium, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Poland, Turkey, and Uzbekistan.Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange was incorporated on May 25, 2004.

BUCE was created under the initiative of the country’s president, Alexander Lukashenko, by Council of Ministers Resolution No. The first trading session, to sell timber, took place on June 2, 2005; the trade in metal products began on June 29, 2005.In Q4 2005 the commodity exchange started preparing to sell agricultural products, and launched agricultural sales in January 2006.In May 2009, an online trading platform for industrial and consumer goods was launched. Forex classic 3 mm. It enabled buy-and-sell transactions to be executed at all horus via the Internet.In December 2010, BUCE was authorized to hold electronic auctions under government procurement contracts.In November 2012, BUCE started trading derivatives.

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BUCE is operating under direct supervision of a Board of Directors.In between general meetings of shareholders BUCE is managed by the Supervisory Board headed by the Minister of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade of the Republic of Belarus.He is the government’s representative at the commodity exchange. Berufsgenossenschaft handel mitgliedschaft. Following the relevant resolution of the Council of Ministers, a Coordinating Council for Exchange Trade led by Vice Premier of Belarus was set up.These sections conduct trading sessions to sell a wide range of commodity items.The major ones are ferrous and non-ferrous metals and articles made thereof, scrap metal and metal byproducts, coal, coke, cables and wires (metal products section), standing timber, round timber, timber, plywood and flake boards, paper and pasteboard (timber products section), hard cheese, milk powder, casein, butter, rapeseed oil, sunflower and soy oil cakes, rawhides (agricultural products section), industrial machinery, electronics, etc. BUCE's futures market section is currently suspended.

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Three futures contracts were available for trading - a futures contract for hot rolled steel coils, a futures contract for steel bars and a futures contract for petroleum products price index (calculated by Saint-Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange).Trade statistics are regularly published on BUCE website.The BUCE also maintains partner relations with Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange, Moscow Stock Exchange, Uzbek Commodity Exchange, Kiev Agronomic Industry Exchange, the Russian Union of Metal and Steel Suppliers, etc. E www gci trading com converter html. Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange stands as the core of the organized commodity market in the Republic of Belarus.In today's market conditions, the exchange mechanism has an advantage over other forms of trade and is the most efficient one due to the high concentration of supply, equal access to goods for all market participants, openness and transparency of trade operations.A fair price for goods is reached under free competition at exchange auctions on the basis of the actual supply and demand.